Data Management

Communication in today’s increasingly competitive market place requires that your project stand out from the flood of information received by your consumers. Technology is ever changing and we’ve made sure to stay at the forefront. Integrated direct marketing solutions require data services of increasing sophistication.

  • List Analysis
  • Acquisition of relevant and targeted lists
  • High level data manipulation and programming
  • Postal software to achieve lowest possible postage rates to various countries
  • Address validation
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) software
  • PURL’s (Personalized URL) Assignment
  • Integrated email communication programs
  • eMarketing services (newsletters, surveys, online order and payment processing)

To deliver results, your message must cut through the clutter and provide one to one relevance. With this in mind, we have assembled a Data Division of experienced professional programmers and are constantly reinvesting in our IT infrastructure to ensure our data team is working with the industry’s most advanced technology.

At Kirk, we have the capability to make every piece of communication highly personalized and tailored to each individual, be it through direct mail or electronic communication. We vary the message, graphics, and images of each piece to make it relevant and stand out from the clutter.