Fulfillment Services

Today’s commerce often requires that organizations produce “just in time” or “on demand“. A good marketing solution is only the first piece of the puzzle. Products must be warehoused, fulfilled, shipped and payment processed, accurately and securely.

At Kirk, we supply all these services and allow you to concentrate on your core business activities.


Commonly called “Web to Print” or, more generically, “Web to Order”, these tools enable Kirk to build simple, automated online storefronts. Web to Print is ideal for clients that have a network of dealers, customers, or franchises but don’t want the expense and burden of managing the inventory and order processing internally.

Web to Print is a logical extension of Kirk’s direct marketing and fulfillment services and provides an excellent tool for clients to manage and control their marketing collateral, while giving freedom and flexibility to the users. Costs are reduced through On Demand Printing and decentralizing ordering.

Typically, Web to Print is used for fulfilling online orders and digital collateral management of items such as:

  • company brochures
  • branded promotional material
  • business cards
  • training materials
  • direct marketing campaigns / loyalty campaigns

Web to Print can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Moreover, by allowing for last minute changes using a quick and simple proofing process, and achieving brand consistency through customizable templates Web to Print makes capitalizing on your online presence simple and cost effective.