Vanguard Painting


With a recent increase in price-based competition Vanguard Painting wanted to reach property managers and drive new business leading up to the busy summer painting season. Property managers are always on the go and deal with multiple contractors so the messaging would have to find the right balance between getting attention and establishing trust in Vanguard. A truly successful direct marketing program would need to build the brand, drive business, and let Vanguard’s management team focus on what they do best – large commercial painting projects.


Kirk Marketing created a direct marketing program that used direct mail and email to drive property managers to a personalized URL (PURL). On the PURL respondents were asked to complete a brief survey in return for a $10 coffee card. The tagline for the piece was “Every crew is our best crew”, a line inspired by Vanguard’s policy to never sub-contract work. Kirk also arranged a photo shoot of the painting crew to provide the images for the final design. The final piece was personalized to each property manager and a follow-up letter was sent to both responders and non-responders.


The timing was perfect. Vanguard got a jump start on the painting season, created a buzz with property managers and put Vanguard top of mind with busy, tough to reach decision-makers. The piece mailed to approximately 2500 contacts and generated over 180 responses – a response rate of over 7% with 13% of respondents requesting quotes immediately. Since the responses were available to the sales team in real time, Vanguard was able to follow-up on survey feedback immediately. In one case, this contributed to closing a large RFP worth over $200K that had been open for several months.

Campaign Results
7% Response Rate for the Campaign
13% of respondents requested quotes immediately
$400k of quoted new business
$200k and more in sales