Regulatory Communication with Direct Mail


Kinder Morgan Canada operates a number of pipeline systems in Canada and the US. They had two needs: to communicate important safety information to people living or working along the Trans Mountain and Jetfuel pipelines, and to promote damage prevention information and the use of One Call systems to the affected public and all stakeholders living or working along the pipelines.

Identifying residents, businesses, and organizations located within close proximity of the pipelines posed a major challenge. While Kinder Morgan had detailed geographic maps and a comprehensive landowner database, they need a solution to target specific affected urban and rural stakeholders in British Columbia and Alberta.

In order to adhere to regulatory requirements, Kinder Morgan had to ensure every stakeholder would have to be deemed effectively reached without resorting to over-communicating to unaffected stakeholders. To meet these requirements, they needed a solution that would allow them to accurately identify the affected public and stakeholders in order to communicate important safety awareness messages and damage prevention information.


With the information provided by Kinder Morgan and their expertise as a certified Canada Post Expert, Kirk Marketing developed custom data mapping tools in order to identify the stakeholder groups, pipeline types, and geography. With this information, Kirk Marketing developed a plan to acquire the recipient contact information and a communication program that spoke specifically to each group with unique message content.

Data integrity proved to be more complex than anticipated and Kirk’s data protocols were critical to ensuring the data pulled accurately reflected the geography of the pipelines. Additionally, each pull was audited by Kirk’s team for accuracy.

Then, from within their 50,000-square-foot facility, Kirk Marketing handled the project management and print production of the various communications pieces as well as the entire Canada Post induction Process.


The end-to-end solution Kirk Marketing developed ensured that Kinder Morgan met its goals of promoting pipeline safety and damage prevention, as well as met all regulatory requirements. Additionally, the project has created a valuable database and mapping resource that can be leveraged for the planning and execution of future critical communications.

About Kinder Morgan Canada

Kinder Morgan Canada operates a number of pipeline systems in Canada and the US, including the Trans Mountain Pipeline, the Express and Platte pipelines, the Puget Sound and the Trans Mountain Jet Fuel pipelines.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline System has been safely and efficiently providing the only existing west coast access for Canadian oil products for almost 60 years. The Trans Mountain Jet Fuel system transports aviation fuel from distribution facilities in Burnaby to Vancouver International Airport. We are proud of our operating history; providing safe delivery of refined petroleum products and crude oil for local refining and export markets.

We had a complex business need that we presented to Kirk Marketing. Not only did they listen to us and offer suggestions on how to approach the project, Kirk Marketing provided a complete in-house solution from list development, printing to mailing and campaign reporting. We are very pleased with our project results along with the excellent customer service

—  Kristjana Hawthorne, ABC
Public Awareness Coordinator