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Two charities both alike in fundraising,
In grey Vancouver, where we send our post,
From gen’rous gift giv’n to prospecting,
Where helpful blogs help char’ties raise the most

An attention grabbing opening is one of the essential elements of a fundraising letter. Look at it like a [continue reading...]

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We’re looking for an experienced Sales Professional and Customer Service Associate / Project Coordinator. For job details and information on how to apply, please visit our careers page here.

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Think your personal data is sacred and must be protected?

Of course you do.

Yet we keep reading about large volumes of personal information going [continue reading...]

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Donors deal in the currency of happiness. Giving makes people happy, and giving to a cause in need brings even more happiness.

Most fundraising letters try to simply tap into a donor’s sense of good will. Great fundraising letters catch the reader’s attention hook, line, and sinker. They tell stories that are [continue reading...]

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A great postcard is cheap to produce, easy to design, and gets results. Keep in mind that there are really two kinds of postcards – ones that are designed for direct response, and ones that are designed to build awareness and brand recognition. Here I want to talk about direct response.

Because you have limited space on a postcard you have to be [continue reading...]

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Have you ever lamented the “waste of space” that is the postage paid image, otherwise known as the postal indicia?

Sitting in the upper right corner of your marketing piece, the postal indicia occupies valuable real estate, without adding an ounce of usefulness. You could be using that space for an image, a logo, a brand message, a website – anything really! That plain little piece of artwork sure is a selfish bundle of pixels.

Well lament no more, because [continue reading...]

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Vancouver, BC, July 26, 2013 — Kirk Marketing is excited to announce its certification as a G7® Master Qualified Printer.

The G7® designation recognizes Kirk Marketing as a leader for quality in Vancouver’s printing industry with the following distinction:

• G7® Master Qualification is sought-after recognition of excellence in printing. The designation identifies print service providers, prepress providers, and creative agencies that excel in implementing the G7 Proo [continue reading...]

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It has always been the role of authors and poets to write the stories that define cultures. Poets as early on as Homer not only recorded history but also defined the culture of the times. Shakespeare didn’t just write plays; he helped define the English literary genre and shape [continue reading...]

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I have always found it fascinating that I can board an airplane in Calgary, and in less time than it takes during rush hour to travel by car down Deerfoot Trail from Airdrie to downtown, I can safely land at the Vancouver International Airport. The flight itself lasts only a little over an hour, but Vancouver and Calgary are as different as night and day – not good or bad, just different. As I am a born and raised Calgarian, I hope to use this space to give you a peek into some of the activity that is happening across the Rockies.

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to [continue reading...]

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The other day I was sitting in on a meeting when one of the people participating teared-up, apologized, and wiped her face with her sleeve.

Awkward moment? Not at all – we were [continue reading...]