Posted by | 08/22/2012 | Articles, Canada Post, Direct Mail Marketing

Death and taxes used to be the two things in life you could count on. You can now add digital billing to that list and the service that Canadians are turning to for digital billing is epost.

epost is a secure digital mail box service offered by Canada Post. It’s free and there is no service in Canada that can offer the same level of privacy and security. What companies, utilities, and municipalities who are implementing digital billing now need to know is that epost is going to become the preferred method for Canadians to receive digital documents.

Here’s why.

1. Leadership & Marketing

Canada Post has split into physical and digital divisions, with former Yahoo! Canada Managing Director Kerry Munroe leading the digital division of which epost is a core product. Lead by Munroe’s marketing and tech experience, epost is now being aggressively marketed to Canadians through the largest consumer advertising campaign in recent Canada Post history. The service is currently adding over 1,500 new users per day and already has over 6 million registered users.

2. The Price is Right

Cost has historically been a major challenge to digital delivery for small to mid-sized organizations. Canada Post has made epost affordable by working with channel partners to make the service available virtually ‘out of the box’, instead front loading costs with the implementation of complicated custom solutions.

With lower costs more organizations will be able to implement epost – simultaneously satisfying consumer demand and generating interest in the service.

3. Bank Grade Privacy and Security

Privacy and security has also been a challenge for digital document delivery in Canada, particularly since the introduction of the US Patriot Act which restricts many Canadian institutions from sending data south of the border due to privacy laws. In addition, mail delivered through epost is considered mail under Canadian law – any attempt to tamper with those transactions is subject to the same laws as physical mail.

Thus, since epost is the first secure solution to keep data in Canada and to protect the privacy of Canadians by law, you can be sure to see more traditional ‘physical mail only’ documents migrate to the service.

4. A Better Customer Experience

Documents in epost arrive in a single digital mail box that includes seven years of free storage. That makes epost a convenient and sensible household management platform – a secure, digital, location for documents, bills, statements, and invoices. Businesses need to think twice about sending customers to their website and forcing them to create a unique username and password just receive a bill or statement. As epost combines all billing in one place for the customer the preference will be to have all documents funneled to that one location. Not offering epost and forcing customers to login to a website will be seen as an increasingly archaic and ‘customer unfriendly’ approach.

If your company is currently sending physical documents – bills, statements, invoices, or notices – then now is the time to explore billing with epost. Not only will you have Canada Post’s marketing engine on your side, you’ll be providing better service to Canadians who want to receive their bills online.